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Manipura literally means the city of jewels and is the centre of heat in the body. It is associated with vitality and energy, self assertion and dynamism. Manipura is a very important chakra in Prana Vidya because prana is first generated there and then later returned to this point. Also known as the hara.

DEVI: Lakini. DEVA: Rudra.

TATWA: Manipura is related to the fire element (Agni) and associated with the sense of sight.

LOCATION: Manipura is located at the level of the navel, but in the spinal column. The navel is the kshetram, or mirror point, for this chakra. The navel is also sometimes used for meditation on Manipura and in, rare cases the chakra is actually situated in the navel. Manipura is associated with digestion and is the home of agni, digestive fire.

BIJA MANTRA: Ram (Mentally pronounced Rum as in plum or audibly - Rung as in sung)



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