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Ajna literally means command. Ajna (pronounced ug-yah) is most commonly known as the third eye.
Also known as the centre of intuition or wisdom, it's commonly referred to as the psychic command centre and is directly linked with mooladhara. The sensation of Ajna chakra is of drifting in the formless void, beyond time and space.

DEVI: Hakini. DEVA: Shambhu.

TATWA: Ajna relates to the mind and the mental plane (Manas) and is associated with the sense of rational thought and intuitive perception. It is the place where the two types of cognitive processing come together and are able to be wittnessed.

LOCATION: Ajna in the physical body is located above the top of the spinal cord where it meets the base of brain. Some say it is in the Pons or the Medulla of the brainstem or at the level of the eyebrow centre in the forehead, but centered in the Hypothalamus. It can be visualised as being directly behind the centre of the eyebrows where the kshetram, the mirror point, for this chakra is located. Ajna relates to both Pituitary and Pineal though, as both relate to the qualities of Ha and Tha respectively at a neurological level and both are governed by the hypothalamus, which is in situated between and maintains general homeostasis and balance between various opposites such as - Heat & Cold; Day & Night; Sleep & Wake; Inner & Outer focus of attention, Pleasure & Pain; Attraction & Aversion. 

BIJA MANTRA: Aum (Pronounced Om as in from - both mentally and audibly)



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