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The SATYA Foundation is a charitable trust, registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a non profit organisation and exempt from income tax. It is dedicated to promoting the systematic study of the science, philosophy and practice of yoga and the provision of yogic education to the wider community by the establishment of a resource library and Centre of higher learning on yoga and associated ancillary studies such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, philosophy, Ayurveda Jyotish etc., and by the provision of a scholarships for academic and other formal studies into the medical benefits of yoga and to encourage proper scientific yoga research programs. This trust will liaise with and/or support other persons and organisations with a similar purpose in order to mutually assist in the promotion and expression of the formal study of yoga in the wider community.

NOTE: The SATYA Foundation Trust is Australian based.
NO association or interaction whatsoever is implied with
similar named overseas entities such as those listed below:



 The SATYA Foundation Trust aims to provide for:

The establishment of a reference, research and resource library and Centre of Systematic Study and Higher Learning for the gathering, study and dissemination of information, and educational materials on yoga and associated ancillary studies such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, philosophy, Ayruveda and Jyotish etc.

Provision of a scholarship fund or funds to assist suitable persons in furthering academic and other suitable formal studies into the benefits of yoga and for the establishment and support of proper scientific research programs into various aspects of yoga.

The establishment of a Yoga Education and Retreat Centre where the public can study the theoretical and experiential aspects of yoga and enjoy short and long term retreat from time to time.

The establishment of other such support services for teachers and students of yoga in the provision of classes, courses, seminars and other training and educational products and services relating to yoga.



This trust is formed and maintained in the spirit of service to community ( SEVA). It is not owned by or for the exclusive benefit of any individual/s or group, and is for the general benefit of the wider community.



The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning union or to join, or yoke together. Yoga is derived from the Tantric and Vedic traditions and was handed down in an oral tradition for millennia through an unbroken lineage of Yogis, Rishis and Seers who developed this science for the expansion and liberation of human consciousness. Yoga is a science because results are predictable and measurable. The science of yoga then is the fully integrated and systematic study of those yogic practices that affect the many levels of human existence, experience and expression, particularly the scientifically measurable psychological, physical and physiological aspects.

Yoga neither encourages nor imposes any religious dogma or belief. No particular faith or beliefs are required or denied, merely an inquiring and open mind.



An association to support the general aim of exploring and living life according to Tantric principles focussing primarily on exploring the scientific, therapeutic and general benefits of Yoga.

Of particular interest is the study of the effects of Prana Vidya, Nadi Shodhan, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Pranayamas, Tratak, Kundalini practices, the Kriyas etc on the brain and autonomic nervous system as well as the medical benefits of Ayurveda and yoga for Asthma, Diabetes and such.

The effects of Nadi Shodhan and other Pranayamas, and Tratak on brain function and hemisphericity, both in remedial work with brain damaged patients, and with cognitive enhancement in adults and children.

Also how these practises help to balance brain and nervous activity.

We will also liaise with other organisations and invite suitably qualified practitioners and speakers to forums, seminars etc.

Establish a research and resource library for the collecting and publishing of information and research data.

Publish a quality, scientific journal called: “Science And Tantra, Yogic Archives” (SATYA) published quarterly or bi annually to incorporate qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in scientific papers, articles, research data and appraisals, letters and discussions in response, plus information on various therapeutic and research centres around the world.

Contributing members, and editorial staff with any area of specific or general interest can live anywhere in the world as this body is to support and serve all. Support staff and interested members do the work of collecting and printing information in South Australia with input from all over the world. Both lay and health professionals may join and contribute in some way other than writing articles.

Linked with research and scientific organisations world wide via printed publications and via the Internet.



The 108,000 Om project is where people donate $1 to have drawn a small Om on a large material banner, either themselves or by us on their behalf. The aim is to raise $108,000 to buy land for a research and retreat centre and bring people together by creating 108,000 Om’s. A powerful community sadhana! If you wish to help raise 108,000 Om’s contact us and we can send you a copy of the banner to gather 108 Om’s on, then you can send it in with your funds so each Om can be correctly placed according to your wishes.

The banner is 3m long by 1.2m wide and will eventually be on permanent display in the sadhana room.




Rural land will be found and developed into a village style community with part farm, part orchard and vegetable gardens in permaculture design. With a Science and Research centre and Library, Teaching Centre, Dormitories, Sadhana Hall and seminar room etc. All sections of the community would be self-funding with an exception of SATYA research foundation.

It is the intention to be financially viable and self sufficient regarding food and produce, with excess being sold to raise money. The primary purpose however is to provide an example of how a yogic community can work by living the life and teaching yoga as well as providing service to the wider community in whatever form is needed.




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